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IGNOU Assignment 2020 For January/June Batch – Check Your Assignment Status

How to Submit IGNOU Assignment Online

Due to lockdown, IGNOU has instructed the students to submit their term-end assignments online. The university (IGNOU) has released an official notice regarding the same. Following are the instructions followed while submitting the online assignment:


  • The assignment file should be in PDF Format and names in a unique format of ‘Enrollment Number and Course Code’. For e.g – Enrollment number 2031216920 submitting MS01 assignment. Then, the file name given to PDF should be like 2001218920MS01.
  • Along with the answers, a scanned copy of ID card and assignment question paper must also be sent.
  • E-mail the scanned copy of your handwritten solved assignments to the respective RC e-mail.
  • Submit the online assignment along with the below-mentioned information
    1. Enrollment Number
    2. Name
    3. Course Code
    4. Study Centre Name/Code
    5. Program
    6. Contact Details

IGNOU Assignment Important Dates

Events June 2020

  • IGNOU Assignment Submission Last Date June 15, 2020
  • Term End Examinations June 1-27, 2020
  • Updation of assignment status 20-25 days after submission
  • Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) has extended the last date for submission of assignments for the June 2020 Term End Examination. Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 throughout the country, the students can now submit the assignments till April 30, 2020.

How to Submit IGNOU Assignment 2019: – इग्नू असाइनमेंट Who Want to Know About IGNOU Assignment Status and Know How to Fill And Make IGNOU Assignment, They are Come the Right Place, Here We Given all Details About IGNOU Assignment. Also, Check IGNOU Admission Process For December/January Batch 2019-2020. Kindly Read Carefully this Article to Know About Your IGNOU Assignment Status that is Helpfull to Make the Wonderfull and Attractive Assignment or How It is Important For the Exam is Defined Below.

Latest Update: – The IGNOU University Has Extended the Last Date to Assignments Submission From 31st may 2020 For the june 2020 Batch Students Because the Candidates Can’t Attend the Examination Without Submission the Assignments, So Who Had Not to Submit the Assignments in July 2019 Batch, Now They Can Submit Their Programmes Assignments Before 15th May 2019. The Assignments OF IGNOU Carry 30% Weightage in a Course, So It is Must Important and Helping For the Students. So the Students Have to Submit their Assignments of Every Programme, in Which Programmes They Want to Give Exam and Then Fill the IGNOU Exam Form for the Term End Examination (TEE) December 2020.

Latest Update: – All Assignment of IGNOU are Upload Successfully on the Official Site, So Download Your Assignments For Bachelors, Masters, Diploma and Other Programmes on the Official IGNOU Website. The Students is already Started to Make the Assignments and also Submit the Assignments on Their Study Centre, So They are Not Make Their Assignments, Hurry to Submit the Assignments Because the Last Date is 31th may 2020. After 31th  may  You Have to Give the Late Fees of Assignments that is Rs. 1000.

Information About IGNOU Assignments

The Purpose of Our Asking You to Work on the Assignments is to Provide You with an Opportunity of Articulating Your Assimilated Knowledge and Understanding Into Written Form and Also to Test Your Capacity of Transferring the Theoretical Learning From the Courses to Practical Situations. Thus, the Assignments Practically Enhance Your Understanding as Well as Skills of Articulation and Expression in Writing. There is One Assignment for Each Theory Course. The Answers to Assignment Questions Are to Be Based on Your Own Judgement and Experiences as a Student of Adult Education. You Should Not Reproduce the Text Materials or Copy the Information From Other Sources. However, You May Use the Course Material and Any Other Sources of Information You Have for Ready Reference. But, the Answer Should Be in Your Own Words and Should Reflect Your Own Ideas.

You Do Not Have to Worry About the Non-availability of Extra Reading Materials for Working on the Assignments. They Are Designed in Such a Way as to Guide You to Integrate the Knowledge of the Course Materials With Your Concrete Personal Experiences. Please Note That Your Assignment Responses Carry 30% Weight(Age) Towards the Final Evaluation of Each Theory Course and Submission of Related Assignment Responses Is a Prerequisite for Appearing in Term-end Examination (TEE) for Respective Theory Courses. If You Do Not Complete the Assignments According to Time Schedule of Assignments of the Relevant Academic Session, Then You Have to Attempt the Assignment Questions of the Next Session and Submit the Assignment Responses According to the Schedule of That Session. You Have to Send the Assignment-responses to the Programme Study Centre You Are Attached to as Per Schedule.

IGNOU Updated the Assignment Status in Every Six Months of Duration, Students Can Find the Assignments on the Official Website of IGNOU. Where Available the All Programmes Assignments Status. In Simple Language, There is Assignments is the Part of Exam,  Professor or Teachers Will Give Us to Do Assignments Because They Wanted to Know Our Ability For the Exam, Assignments are also Know as the Pre-Exam, If We Do Our Assignments Without the Help of Books, Then We Definitely Give the Exam With Full Confidence the Clear the Exam With Good Marks. IGNOU Provides the Assignments For Both Hindi or English Mode, So If You Choose Your Programmes in Hindi Medium then You Can Choose Your Assignments in Hindi Medium.

There are Lots of Students Study in IGNOU With Hindi Medium Programmes. Students Can Find all Programmes Assignments on the IGNOU Official Website or Simply Go to this Link ( IGNOU Assignments Will Update on the IGNOU Site Before the Examination, It Uploaded on Website on February Month or August Month For the Different Different Batch. The Assignment is the Most Important Part of Colleges of University Because Without Assignment Students Did Not Give Their Exams. So Assignment is Important For the Students. IGNOU is the Most Educational University that is Provides the Best Education For Students. In IGNOU There are in the March and December Month Students Can Submit Their Assignments.

IGNOU Assignment

IGNOU Assignment 2019-20

MAPY Assignments 2019-20(Download) BCom Assignments 2019-20(Download)
MPS Assignments 2019-20(Download) DMT Assignments July 2019(Download)
CNIN Assignments 2019-20(Download) BCA Assignments 2019-20(Download)
PGDMH Assignments July 2019(Download) DFPT Assignments July 2019(Download)
MEC Assignments 2019-20(Download) MSO Assignments 2019-20(Download)
PGDMCH Assignments Dec 2019(Download) BA & BDP Assignments 2019-20(Download)
MAH Assignments 2019-20(Download) CIT Assignments 2019-20(Download)
PGDAE Assignments July 2019(Download) PGDEOH Assignments 2019-20(Download)
MAPC Assignments 2019-20(Download) MCom(MA&FS) Assignments 2019-20(Download)
CLF Assignments 2019-20(Download) MSCDFSM Assignments 2019-20(Download)
BSWE-04 Assignments 2019-20(Download) MHD Assignments 2019-20(Download)
PGDHIVM Assignments July 2019(Download) PGDPSM Assignments July 2019(Download)
CPATHA Assignments July 2019(Download) MAGPS Assignments 2019-20(Download)
CTPM Assignments 2019-20(Download) BBAR Assignments 2019-20(Download)
ACISE Assignments July 2019(Download) MAPC Assignments 2019-20(Download)
MCA Assignments 2019-20(Download) MAAN Assignments 2019-20(Download)
MAAE Assignments July 2019(Download) CLTA Assignments 2019-20(Download)
PGDCFT Assignments 2019-20(Download) CFE Assignments 2019-20(Download)
BLIS Assignments 2019-20(Download) PGDUPDL Assignments 2019-20(Download)
CTE Assignments 2019-20(Download) CHBHC Assignments July 2019(Download)
CTRBS Assignments 2019-20(Download) CPY Assignments July 2019(Download)
PGDIS Assignments July 2019(Download) PGDFSQM Assignments July 2019(Download)
CES Assignments 2019-20(Download) PGDBP Assignments 2019-20(Download)
DWM Assignments July 2019(Download) MAGD Assignments 2019-20(Download)
CUL Assignments 2019-20(Download) CGL Assignments 2019-20(Download)
MSW Assignments 2019-20(Download) DCE Assignments 2019-20(Download)
MCom Assignments 2019-20(Download) ACC 01 Assignments 2019-20(Download)
MADVS Assignments 2019-20(Download) CVAP Assignments July 2019(Download)
MEG Assignments 2019-20(Download) PGCGPS Assignments 2019-20(Download)
BA Assignments 2019-20(Download) PGDPM Assignments July 2019(Download)
ANC 01 Assignments 2019-20(Download) BSW Assignments 2019-20(Download)
DDT Assignments July 2019(Download) PGCCC Assignments 2019-20(Download)
MPA Assignments 2019-20(Download) CHCWM Assignments July 2019(Download)
CBS Assignments 2019-20(Download) DAVPFV Assignments July 2019(Download)
MCom(BP&CG)Assignments 2019-20(Download) MCom F&T Assignments 2019-20(Download)
MSCCFT Assignments 2019-20(Download) PGDCOUN Assignments 2019-20(Download)
DEVMT Assignments 2019-20(Download) DWED Assignments 2019-20(Download)
DUL Assignments 2019-20(Download) BCom A&F Assignments 2019-20(Download)
PGDGPS Assignments 2019-20(Download)

IGNOU CBCS Assignment 2020-2021

After so many requst,now we uploaded the assignment for the CBCS programs which was started from july 2019 so download in one click from here.

1. BAG Assignment 2019-2020(Download)
2. BSCG Assignment 2019-2020(Download)
3. BCOMG1 Assignment 2019-2020(Download)

Latest Update : Now You Can also Submit Your Assignment Through Online or Offline Mode, Online Submission is Available on IGNOU Official Website or For Offline Submission, You Have to Go the IGNOU Nearby Regional Centre then Contact the IGNOU Office and Firstly Attach a Stemp on Your all Assignments then Submit to the IGNOU Office.

Kindly Note Down this Thing that the Last Date of Submission is Cumming Near that is November 30 2019 , So Don’t Waste Your Time and Submit Soon Your Assignment, If Your Assignment is Not Ready then Make First then Submit Your Assignment.

How to Check IGNOU Online Assignment Status?

The 30% Marks in Your Results is Come From Assignments. Professors of IGNOU Can Give You Marks in Assignments on the Basis of Your Questions Solving Technique and Your Performance of Assignments, So If You Create Your Assignments Through Good Handwriting and Explaining the All Questions that You Get For the Assignments, Then You Get the Good Results in Your Assignments that is Help to Pass Your Exam on that Subject. The Students Can Check the Details About IGNOU Online or Offline Assignments Status or How to Fill the Assignments Form. The Details are Given Below.

1. Go to the IGNOU University Official Page (

Hindi Definition – सबसे पहले इग्नू के ऑफिसियल साइट पर जाये.

2. Then You Have to Fill Your 9 Digit Enrollment Number, Programme Code and DOB (Date of Birth)

Hindi Definition  – उसके बाद अपना ९ अंको का एनरोलमेंट नंबर, प्रोग्राम कोड और जन्मतिथि भरिये.

3. Then Click on the IGNOU Login Button

Hindi Definition  – उसके बाद लॉगिन पर क्लिक करिये.

4. Then a New Page will Open With all Details of Candidates.

Hindi Definition  – उसके बाद विद्यार्थी की सभी जानकारी के साथ नया पेज ओपन होगा.

5. Then You See the Assignment Submission Status, Simply Click on that.

Hindi Definition  – उसके बाद आपको इग्नू असाइनमेंट सबमिशन स्टेटस दिखाई देगा, आपको उस पर क्लिक करना होगा.

6. After Open the Link You See the all Details Like Number of Assignments Submitted, Session, Status and Date of Submission.

Hindi Definition  – लिंक ओपन होने के बाद आप असाइनमेंट से जुड़े सभी जानकारी देख सकते है जैसे कितने असाइनमेंट जमा कर दिए है, किस सेशन का असाइनमेंट है, और उसका स्टेटस और सबमिशन की डेट, इत्यादि

Click Here For IGNOU Assignment Status 2020 For January/June Batch

How to Fill IGNOU Offline Assignment?

The Students Check their Assignment Status by Entering Their 9 Digit Enrollment Number and Selecting the Programming Code, This Online Facility is Provided by the IGNOU. But Before to Check the Assignments Status Students Should Be Fill the Offline Assignment Form And Submit the Assignments From Their Nearby Regional Centre or Where, in Which IGNOU Regional Centre They Study.

1. Firstly Go to the IGNOU Official Website and Download the Assignments.

Hindi Definition  – सबसे पहले इग्नू की आधिकारिक वेबसाइट पर जाएं और असाइनमेंट डाउनलोड करें।

2. After that Buy a File and Some Copies of Pages.

Hindi Definition  – उसके बाद एक फाइल और पेज की कुछ प्रतियां खरीदें।

3. After that Started to Make Assignments.

Hindi Definition  – इसके बाद असाइनमेंट्स बनाना सुरु कर सकते है

4. After Finishing the Assignments File Students Should Be Ready to Make the First Page of Assignments.

Hindi Definition  – असाइनमेंट्स को पूरा करने के बाद छात्रों को असाइनमेंट के पहले पेज को तैयार करना चाहिए।

5. The First Page of Assignments is Must Important For the Assignments File.

Hindi Definition  – असाइनमेंट फ़ाइल का पहला पृष्ठ असाइनमेंट फ़ाइल के लिए महत्वपूर्ण है।

6. So Make the First Page Students Can Add Some Details About Assignments Like the Programme Title, Course Code, Course Title Assignment Code, Study Centre, Session.

Hindi Definition  – तो पहले पृष्ठ के छात्रों को कार्यक्रम शीर्षक, पाठ्यक्रम कोड, पाठ्यक्रम शीर्षक असाइनमेंट कोड, अध्ययन केंद्र, सत्र जैसे असाइनमेंट के बारे में कुछ विवरण जोड़ सकते हैं।

7. After Adding Some Details Like Upper Lines then Add Some More Details About Students Like Enrollment Number, Mobile Number, Name, Address, Signature and Date of Submit Assignments.

Hindi Definition  – ऊपरी लाइन्स जैसे कुछ विवरण जोड़ने के बाद फिर छात्रों के बारे में कुछ और विवरण जोड़ें जैसे नामांकन संख्या, मोबाइल नंबर, नाम, पता, हस्ताक्षर और जमा असाइनमेंट की तारीख।

The Assignment Marks of IGNOU Are Updated in the Grade Card. It Takes Nearly Two or Approx Three Months to Checking and Update the Assignment Marks on Their Official Website.

Important instructions For Submit IGNOU Assignment

1. Who is Check There Assignment Status they are Fill the Assignment Status Successfully?

Hindi Definition – इग्नू का असाइनमेंट स्टेटस वो देख सकते है जिन्होंने अपना असाइनमेंट अच्छे से जमा कर दिए होगा.

2. Who Fill There Assignment Status Wrong, Kindly Contact to Their Nearby Regional Centre of IGNOU.

Hindi Definition – यदि इग्नू असाइनमेंट जमा करने में आपसे कोई गलती हो गयी है तो अपने नजदीकी इग्नू सेंटर से कांटेक्ट करे.

3. If You Not Submit Your Assignment, Then You Get 0 Number Because IGNOU Has Right To Give You Zero Number, if You do not submit your assignment.

Hindi Definition – इग्नू के पास ये अधिकार है की यदि आप असाइनमेंट सबमिट न करे तो वो आपको शून्य अंक दे सके.

4. IGNOU Assignment is the Important Part of IGNOU Because it is the 30% of Your Final Result.

Hindi Definition – इग्नू असाइनमेंट आपके रिजल्ट का 30 प्रतिसत का हिस्सा है, इसीलिए इसे भरना न भूले, यह बहुत जरुरी है

Click Here For Download the IGNOU Assignments For the January/June Batch 2020

Important Dates of IGNOU Assignments

Students They are Going to Submit the Assignment, They Have to Know the Important Dates Like Which Date is Last to Submission the Assignments and How Much Time After the Assignment Result is Come, and Many More Date, that is Must Important to Know For the Students of IGNOU.

Events Important Dates For March/April Batch Important Dates For December/January Batch
Assignments Released February Month September Month
Assignment Submission Last Date december 31st may 31st
Updation of Assignment Status At Least 1 Months After Submitting the Assignments, The Marks to Be Updated Before TEE Results
Term End Examination June Month june Month
Results  September/October Month February/March Month

Which Details are Fill in IGNOU Assignment?

If Students are Filling the Assignment First Page that is Show, Your Assignment For Which Subject or For Which Topic So First Page Of Assignments Mandatory to Fill With Design, If You Can, Becuase the Design Show Your Assignment Excellent, and Good Handwriting Make Attractive the Assignment, So Now We have Come to the Topic that Which Detail is Compulsory to Fill in the Assignment, You Can Check Below the Details.

Details to Fill in the Assignments First Page
Course Title Programme Code
Enrollment Number Assignments Code
Session Mobile Number
Study Centre Date of Submission of Assignments
Status of the Assignments Address
Signature Date


The IGNOU is a World Larget Distance Education Provider University in India or Also in World. The University Was Established by an Act of Parliament in 1985. It Provides the Education Through Open and Distance Learning (ODL) Mode. Its Aim to Provide The Higher Education to All Segments of the Society. The University is Focused on Quality Educating in Research, Preparing and Augmentation Exercises, and Goes About as a National Asset Place for Aptitude and Foundation in the ODL Framework.

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IF this Post is Useful For You Then Comment Below that How this is Useful. If You Have any Doubt Regarding Assignment Process then Comment Below, Then We Given You Solution As Soon As.

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