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List of Vocational Courses in India 2021-22

In this post, I’ve listed down some of the best vocational training programs available in India. Bachelor’s Degree, Diploma, Certification – I’ve included different types of courses in this list. This list will be of help to 12th pass students as well as graduates. List of Vocational Courses Are Below:

Bachelor of Vocational Studies Courses
Bachelor of Vocational Studies [B.Voc] Bachelor of Vocational Studies [B.Voc.] (Automobiles)
Bachelor of Vocational Studies [B.Voc] (Software Development)
Diploma in Vocational Studies Courses
Diploma in Secretarial Practice Diploma in Bakery And Confectionery
Diploma in Photography Diploma in Visual Merchandising
Diploma in Food & Beverage Service
Certificate in Vocational Studies Courses
Certificate Course in Photography Certificate in Diesel Mechanics
Craftsmanship Course in Food Production

List of Vocational Courses

  • Animation Course

Animation is the procedure of making the illusion of motion, by rapidly displaying sequence of static images, which are a little different from each other.  The market for 2D and 3D animators is growing in India and across the globe, thanks to animation movies like Avatar many more that grace the screen every year.This is a path less treaded on, however the market for animation is catching on, is the next big thing in the market today.

  • Gym/Physical Education

No wonder, the demand for a good fitness coach is on the rise among the youth of the country. The world is becoming more and more health conscious and we are seeing a trend of people spending less on fast food chains and more on gyms. Physical education which is the key to the holistic development of a kid, is now a course that students can further explore and make a career in with the help of vocational courses in the field of physical fitness.


  1. Electronics/ House electrician/ Electrical expert

Good electricians are required by business, homes and factories alike. The world is switching to electrical gadgets more and more, thanks to the falling prices and their rising popularity. It is necessary to keep up with the fast changing technology and to know the how-to’s of the lasts technology like navigation systems, communications systems and more. Electricians are responsible to create, maintain and repair any electrical equipment or wiring that might go wrong or faulty.

  • Disaster Management

This lesser known field of study is extremely beneficial to all those who wish to work in the field of disaster management with reputed organizations. Disaster management focuses formulating plans which will help prevent vulnerable areas and people from hazardous calamities or help cope with them. In India, we have National Disaster Management Authority, which is an official government body which regulates the working towards the creation of disaster prevention plans.


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