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Study Centers of Dr BR Ambedkar Open University

There are Approx 118 Study Centers of Dr BR Ambedkar Open University are Located in the Different-2 City of Telangana State. We Provide Below the Study Centers Name Their Code, Location and Contact Details in this Article.

Study Centers of Dr BR Ambedkar Open University

Centre Code District Name Contact No.
Rly Junior College Hyderabad 7382929627
Mahboob College Secunderabad 7382929632
Govt. Junior College for Boys Hyderabad 7382929633
Govt. Junior College Hyderabad 7382929634
Govt. Junior College (Old) Hyderabad 7382929635
Govt. Junior College Hyderabad 7382929636
Govt. Degree College for Women Hyderabad 7382929628
Govt. Degree College Hyderabad 7382929629
Govt. Junior College Hyderabad 7382929630
Princes Shakar Coll.for Women Hyderabad 7382929637
Govt. Junior College Khammam 7382929639
KNM Govt. Degree College Nalgonda 7382929640
Govt. Junior College Karimnagar 7382929646
Govt. Junior College Karimnagar 7382929648
Govt. Junior College for Boys Karimnagar 7382929649
S.V.P. Degree College Mahaboobnagar 7382929657
Govt. Junior College Nalgonda 7382929658
Govt. Degree College Nizamabad 7382929660
Tara Govt. College Medak 7382929663
Govt. Junior College Warangal 7382929669
Govt. Degree College Karimnagar 7382929650
SKE Degree College Adilabad 7382929651
Govt. Jr. College for Boys Karimnagar 7382929654
Govt. Junior College Karimnagar 7382929655
S.R.govt. Arts & Sci. College Khammam 7382929656
Sap Arts & Science College Ranga Reddy 7382929670
Govt. Degree College for Women Khammam 7382929671
Kakatiya Govt.deg. College Warangal 7382929675
Govt.arts & Science College Nizamabad 7382929695
Mald Govt.arts & Sci. College Mahaboobnagar 7382929673
SV College Nalgonda 7382929697
SKNR College Karimnagar 7382929679
ABV Govt. Degree College Warangal 7382929687
Govt. Degree College Khammam 7382929694
Govt. Degree College Medak 7382929698 College for Men Mahaboobnagar 7382929699
Govt. Degree College Adilabad 7382929703
Govt. Degree College Nizamabad 7382929704
Govt. Junior College for Boys Warangal 7382929705
Govt. Degree College for Men Adilabad 7382929601
Nagarjuna Govt. College Nalgonda 7382929610
Girraj Govt. College Nizamabad 7382929612
Govt. Degree College Medak 7382929615
Govt. City Collge Hyderabad 7382929622
SRR Karimnagar 7382929606
Sr & BGNR Govt. College Khammam 7382929607
MVS Govt.arts & Mahabubnagar 7382929609
New Govt. Junior College Secunderabad 7382929624
Mam Govt. Model Jr.coll. For Girls Hyderabad 7382929626
Govt. Jr. College Adilabad 7382929709
Govt.junior College Nalgonda 7382929711
MKR College Nalgonda 7382929721
Govt. Degree College Medak 7382929724
Peoples College Ranga Reddy 7382929725
National Degree College Khammam 7382929727
Vivekananda Govt. College Hyderabad 7382929729
Govt.junior College Warangal 7382929713
Pallavi Degree College Ranga Reddy 7382929714
Govt. Degree College Adilabad 7382929719
Govt. Junior College Mahaboobnagar 7382929720
DVM Deg. Col. of Commerce & Sci. Hyderabad 7382929730
Govt. Junior College Hyderabad 7382929731
Govt. Junior College Nizamabad 7382929735
Surya Lakshmi Mahaboobnagar 7382929741
Navabharat Degree College Khammam 7382929742
Govt. (Boys) Mahaboobnagar 7382929743
Govt Jr. College (Boys) Nalgonda 7382929744
Dr.B.R. R. Govt. Deg. College Mahaboobnagar 7382929746
KRR Govt. Junior College Nalgonda 7382929747
New Govt. Junior College Hyderabad 7382929748
Govt. Junior College Medak 7382929736
Govt. Junior College Khammam 7382929737
Govt. Deg. College Medak 7382929738
S.P. College Secunderabad 7382929739
G.R.P. Govt. Deg. College Adilabad 7382929740
Siddhartha Junior College Warangal 7382929749
Govt. Junior College Warangal 7382929750
Lalbahadur Degree College Hyderabad 7382929753
Govt Jr. College Ranga Reddy 7382929770
Govt. Jr. College Ranga Reddy 7382929771
Govt. Ranga Reddy 7382929772 College Karimnagar 7382929773
Govt. Jr. College Karimnagar 7382929774
Sravanthi Jr. College Karimnagar 7382929775
Govt Jr. College Mahaboobnagar 7382929779
N M Degree College, Medak 7382929780
Govt.deg. College Nalgonda 7382929781
Ramakrishna Deg. Coll Nalgonda 7382929782
Govt Degree College Nizamabad 7382929785
Govt Jr College Adilabad 7382929809
Sadhana Jr College Karimnagar 7382929810
Govt Jr College Khammam 7382929811
Govt Jr College Medak 7382929813
Govt Degree College for Women Karimnagar 7382929755
NTR Govt. Women’s College Mahaboobnagar 7382929757 College for Women Nalgonda 7382929758
Govt Jr. college Ranga Reddy 7382929769
Govt. Jr. College Warangal 7382929706
Govt. Jr. College Warangal 7382929787 College Medak 7382929824
Cap Vocational Jr College Ranga Reddy 7382929818
Ideal Degree College for Women Hyderabad 7382929788
LN Gupta Evening College Hyderabad 7382929791
Govt College Adilabad 7382929792 College Hyderabad 7382929794
Govt.jr. College Khammam 7382929795
Govt Jr. College Nizamabad 7382929801
Govt Degree College Warangal 7382929825
Care Degree College Nizamabad 7382929815
Govt Degree College Nizamabad 7382929816
Central Prison Warangal Null
Central Prison Cherlapalli Null
Govt.jr College Ranga Reddy 7382929821 College Nizamabad 7382929822
Rid Govt.junior College Mahaboobnagar 7382929796
Govt Jr. College Mahaboobnagar 7382929798
Priyadarshini Degree College Nalgonda 7382929799
Govt Jr. College Nalgonda 7382929800

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