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List of Science Courses in India 2021-22

Multimedia is the art of bringing inanimate objects or characters to life, a world where reality meets imagination. It involves special effects, graphics and software technologies that create virtual experiences. Animation studios and training institutes cater to the growing need to build skilled manpower for this market. 


B.Sc (Bachelor of Science) B.Sc (Physical Sciences)
B.Sc (Hotel Management Tourism) B.Sc (Hons Botany)
B.Sc (Digital Media) B.Sc (Environmental Science)
B.Sc (Microbiology) B.Sc (Fire and Safety)
B.Sc (Electronics) B.Sc (Jewellery Design)
B.Sc (Geography) B.Sc (Geology)
B.Sc (Physics) B.Sc (Hardware & Networking)
B.Sc (Botany) B.Sc (Home Science)
B.Sc (Hons Microbiology) B.Sc (Multimedia)
B.Sc (Economics) B.Sc (Agriculture)
B.Sc (Electronics & Communication) B.Sc (IT)
B.Sc (Mass Communication) B.Sc (Hons.) Physics
B.Sc (Medical Laboratory Technology) B.Sc (Psychology)
B.Sc (Software Engineering) B.Sc (Telecommunication)

Master’s of Science Courses

M.Sc (Master of Science) M.Sc  (Information Technology)
M.Sc (Geography) M.Sc (Costume Design & Fashion Technology)
M.Sc (Physics) M.Sc (Telecommunication)
M.Sc (Animation & VFX) M.Sc (Yoga)
M.Sc (Zoology) M.Sc (Environmental Science)
M.Sc (Microbiology) M.Sc (Applied Psychology)
M.Sc (Biotechnology) M.Sc (Environmental Science)
M.Sc (Animation, Game Design, and Development) M.Sc (BioInformatics)
M.Sc (Electronics) M.Sc (Botany)
M.Sc (Chemistry) M.Sc (Visual Communications)
M.Sc (Computer Science) M.Sc (Mathematics)

List of Science Courses in India

B.SC. Multimedia

The term multimedia refers to the use of computers to integrate text, images and sound into a presentation for an audience or user.  Multimedia is widely used for education, business and entertainment. Multimedia is also extensively used on the internet.Written words, numbers and symbols are categorized as the text; images (still or moving) and sound are the three mediums which constitute multimedia. The use of computer technology to create and distribute them is common to all. Not with standing its dependence on computer technology, the effectiveness and appeal of multimedia depends to a great extent on the creativity of the people, who develop the text, sound and visuals that constitute the content of a multimedia production.

Learning Format:
On-Campus, Classroom-Based Program

Course Level: Degree
Bachelor of Science

10+2 or Equivalent

6 Semesters

B.SC. Digital Media

The four main themes of design, user interaction, web, and digital media run throughout this degree and are underpinned by technical and professional skills, to increase your employability upon graduation. The course will provide you with the knowledge and practical skills to develop a client brief from design concept to practical implementation. 

Duration: 4 years

10+2 or Equivalent 

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