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List of Management Courses in India With Full Details

Most of these professional courses are either related to Technology, Biology, Commerce and Arts. For 12th students, there are not too many management related professional courses available.  After 12th Science, Commerce and Arts stream students have lots of professional courses to choose from I’ve already published articles where I’ve listed some of the best courses that one may pursue after 12th Science, Commerce and Arts streams. Having said that let me also tell you that there exists some good management related courses, which any stream’s student may pursue after 12th. In this article, I will list those top management courses, which can be pursued by students who have completed 12th Science/Commerce/Arts stream schooling. List of Management Courses.

Bachelor’s of Management Courses

BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)
BBA (Computer Applications) BBA (Finance)
BBA (Insurance Management) BBA (Digital Marketing)
BBA (Networking) BBA (Hardware)
BBA (Telecommunication) BBA (Sales and Marketing)
BBA (Hons) (Travel and Tourism Management) BBA (Hons.) (Hospitality Management)
BBA (Information Technology) BBA (Management)
BBA (Marketing and Finance) BBA (Airline Management)
BBA (Airport Management) BBA (Banking and Finance)
BBA  (Banking) BBA (Banking and Insurance)
BBA (Accounting and Finance) BBA (Marketing)
BBA (Mass Media and Communications) BBA (Oil & Gas Marketing)

Master’s of Management Courses

MBA (Master of Business Administrations)
MBA (Project Management) MBA (Human Resource Management)
MBA (Information System Management) MBA (Investment Management)
MBA (Software Testing and Quality Management) MBA (Hospital Management)
MBA (Finance Management) MBA (Marketing Management)
MBA (Export Management) MBA (Transport Management)
MBA (Airline and Airport Management) MBA (Retail Management)
MBA (Entrepreneurship) MBA (Services Management)
MBA (Hotel and Tourism Management) MBA (Shipping and Port Management)
MBA (Financial Services) MBA (Logistics and Supply Chain Management)
MBA (Technology Management) MBA (Advertising and Sales Promotion)
MBA (Banking and Finance Management) MBA (Banking Management)
MBA (Customer Relationship Management) MBA (International Business)
MBA (Textile Management) MBA (Materials Management)

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