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List of Engineering Courses in India With Full Details

Engineering involves the terms of scientific principles to design,invent, build,system, material, devices and build machines It contains the information of all above topics. There is lot of chances for a successfull career in engineering.Here is the list of engineering Courses branches in india.

Choose the engineering branch from the given list:

Aerospace Engineering Agricultural and Food Engineering
Computer Science Engineering Petrochemical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering Building and Construction Engineering
Electrical Engineering Nuclear Engineering
Civil Engineering Electronics Control Systems Engineering
Applied Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering Electronics and Power Engineering
Information Technology Industrial Design
Aeronautical Engineering Civil and Structural Engineering
Aeronautical Engineering Mining Engineering
Automation and Robotics Electronics and Communication Engineering
Aircraft Manufacturing and Maintenance Engineering Biomedical Engineering
Electrical and Communications Engineering Agricultural and Irrigation Engineering
Architecture Engineering Software Engineering
Mechatronics Engineering Fashion Technology
Electronics and Computer Engineering Dairy Technology
Chemical Engineering Fashion Technology
Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering Metallurgical Engineering
Electronics and Electrical Communication Biotechnology and Biochemical Engineering
Petroleum Engineering Electronics and Media Technology
Information and Communication Technology Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Biotechnology Engineering Energy Management
Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering Agricultural Engineering
Electronics Engineering Textile Engineering Mechanical and Automation Engineering
Automotive Engineering


Electrical Engineering

This field includes the study of electricity, electronics, electromagnetism, etc.  The best colleges in India to pursue this course from are, IIT Chennai, BITS Pilani, and NIT Thiruchirappalli. Electrical engineers build devices for communication purposes and power distribution.

Marine Engineering

This is the discipline that teaches students designing, developing and testing vehicles and structures that are water-borne. Ships, boats, military vessels, submarines, oil rigs would all fall in this category. Best colleges in India that offer this course are IIT Madras, IIT Kharagpur, and Andhra University College of Engineering.This is a type of engineering, but this course specifically looks at factors that condition the environment on the surface and underwater.

Aerospace Engineering

This is the field of engineering that designs and develops aircraft, spacecraft, and navigation and communication tools for space exploration.  Best colleges in India that offer this course are IIT Kanpur, IIT Bombay, SRM University, and IIST in Trivandrum. Studying this course would help find jobs in the defense sector, space research organisations, aviation departments, and aeronautical laboratories.


Computer Engineering

This is a course students can take to learn about computers, their applicability, and resourcefulness in all domains. IIT Kanpur, NIT Warangal, IIIT Hyderabad, BITS Pilani, DTU are the best collages in india to pursue this course from.These engineers write computer programs as well as develop networks and design hardware, and other computer equipment such as processors, chips and circuits.

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