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List of BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) Courses in India

The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA or BBA) is a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce. The Applicant Needs to Have Commerce Subject in Higher Secondary Level. The Course Duration is of 3 Years With Six Semesters. The Subjects in Which the Course Could Be Done Are Given in the Table Below:

BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)
BBA (Computer Applications) BBA (Finance)
BBA (Hons) (Travel and Tourism Management) BBA (Hons.) (Hospitality Management)
BBA (Information Technology) BBA (Management)
BBA (Marketing and Finance) BBA (Airline Management)
BBA (Airport Management) BBA (Banking and Finance)
BBA  (Banking) BBA (Banking and Insurance)
BBA (Accounting and Finance) BBA (Marketing)
BBA (Mass Media and Communications) BBA (Oil & Gas Marketing)
BBA (Insurance Management) BBA (Digital Marketing)
BBA (Networking) BBA (Hardware)
BBA (Telecommunication) BBA (Sales and Marketing)

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