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List of Arts Courses in India With Full Details

Bachelor of Arts Courses
BA (Hindi) BA (Foreign Trade Management)
BA (English) BA (Computer Science)
BA (Political Science) BA (Computer Applications)
BA (History) BA (Tourism and Hotel Management)
BA (Journalism) BA (Yoga and Naturopathy)
BA (Economics) BA (JMC )
BA (Hons) (Event Management) BA (Human Rights)
BA (Ancient Indian History & Archaeology) BA (Mathematics)
BA (Geography) BA (Physical Education)
BA (Home Management) BA (Public Relations)
BA (Home Science) BA (Rural Development)
BA (Hons.) (Hospitality Management) BA (Fashion Design)
BA Fine Arts BA (Hons.) (Travel and Tourism)
BA (Visual Communication) BA (Human Resource Management)
BA (Hospitality Management) BA (Public Administration)
Master of Arts Courses
MA (Hindi) MA (Advertising & Public Relations)
MA (English) MA (Operations Research)
MA (Political Science) MA (Mathematics)
MA (History) MA (Music)
MA (Journalism & Mass Communication) MA (Philosophy)
MA (Human Rights) MA (Home Science)
MA Education MA (Public Administration)
MA (NGO Management) MA (Public Relations)
MA (Geology) MA (Rural Development)
MA (Human Development) MA (Social Work)
MA (Environmental Sciences) MA (Sociology)
MA (Criminal Justice) MA (Tourism Management)
MA (Fine Arts) MA (Visual Arts)
MA (Fashion Design) MA (Yoga and Naturopathy)
MA (Civil Services) MA (Food Nutrition)
MA (Geography)

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