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List of Arts Courses in India With Full Details

List of Arts Courses in India. Professional courses that 12th Arts stream students may pursue after their schooling.


Bachelor of Arts Courses
BA (Hindi) BA (Foreign Trade Management)
BA (English) BA (Computer Science)
BA (Political Science) BA (Computer Applications)
BA (History) BA (Tourism and Hotel Management)
BA (Journalism) BA (Yoga and Naturopathy)
BA (Economics) BA (JMC )
BA (Hons) (Event Management) BA (Human Rights)
BA (Ancient Indian History & Archaeology) BA (Mathematics)
BA (Geography) BA (Physical Education)
BA (Home Management) BA (Public Relations)
BA (Home Science) BA (Rural Development)
BA (Hons.) (Hospitality Management) BA (Fashion Design)
BA Fine Arts BA (Hons.) (Travel and Tourism)
BA (Visual Communication) BA (Human Resource Management)
BA (Hospitality Management) BA (Public Administration)
Master of Arts Courses
MA (Hindi) MA (Advertising & Public Relations)
MA (English) MA (Operations Research)
MA (Political Science) MA (Mathematics)
MA (History) MA (Music)
MA (Journalism & Mass Communication) MA (Philosophy)
MA (Human Rights) MA (Home Science)
MA Education MA (Public Administration)
MA (NGO Management) MA (Public Relations)
MA (Geology) MA (Rural Development)
MA (Human Development) MA (Social Work)
MA (Environmental Sciences) MA (Sociology)
MA (Criminal Justice) MA (Tourism Management)
MA (Fine Arts) MA (Visual Arts)
MA (Fashion Design) MA (Yoga and Naturopathy)
MA (Civil Services) MA (Food Nutrition)
MA (Geography)


B.A. Courses Eligibility Criteria

B.A. courses in India, the general eligibility criteria is one of the most flexibles. If one has studied science or commerce, She/He can also take up B.A. courses if his/her best of four aggregate matches with the minimum percentile prescribed by the university.  Also, there are some courses which the applicant learns from scratch. The courses include Journalism, Film Studies, Fashion Designing, Media Science, Fine Arts etc. However, for some courses, the university requires that the Candidate has studied the subject earlier. For example, English Honours is open for all, as English is a generalized subject but to take up other languages B.A. courses such as Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi, Bengali, the university requires some basic knowledge of the languages and their literature to take admissions in them. Same goes for honors courses in  Geography, Economics, History etc.

The eligibility criteria for admissions in B.A. courses also require the candidate to complete 10+2 level or similar level studies.


 List of Arts Courses in India after 12th Arts

  • B.A.
  • B.M.S.
  • B.B.A.
  • B.H.M
  • B.F.A
  • B.E.M
  • B.F.D
  • Integrated Law course
  • B.J.M.
  • B.RM.
  • Aviation courses (Cabin Crew)
  • B.B.S.
  • B.T.T.M

For B.A.

B.A. stands for Bachelor of Arts. This course is 3 years long. B.A. students are supposed to go through a not too tough syllabus. It is one of the traditional professional courses that still many Arts stream students pursue.

Subjects in B.A. Program

  • English Language
  • History of Cultures
  • Introduction to Mechanics
  • Introduction to Graphics
  • Introduction to Design
  • Visual Arts studies
  • Study of Materials
  • Visual Perception
  • Workshops


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